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Treading the Boards' Regional Theatre News

Aug 16, 2018

Welcome to my very first podcast. 

Treading the Boards is a book I've published for 20 years. It gives information for over 400 regional equity theatres around the US so theatre artists can get work. Between publication dates, a weekly email goes out with news, articles, interviews and sometimes Something I Had To Share With You because I'm so excited about it. The reason for the email is to keep you, the theatre artist, well-informed. It seemed like a natural transition to creating this podcast which supplements the email and the book.

In this first episode, I'll give you some back story about how I got here but first the news.

In Season Announcements, Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati in Ohio, MetroStage in Virginia, The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse with the Atlanta Shakespeare Company based in Georgia and PICT Classic Theatre in Pittsburgh all announce their 2018-2019 seasons.

The next segment is Who's In and Who's Out which will focus on Artistic & Executive leaders coming in & going out. No movers & shakers this week though.

Next up is Articles & Interviews which are things I've read or listened to that I think they are relevant and interesting. There's a Q&A with Laura Leffler, AD of Umbrella Collective & associate AD for Park Square Theatre, on's Stage Directions Interview with director Darko Tresnjak and on Christiane Amanpour interviews Sir Ian McKellen.